Can I Make Money on Surveys?

Can I Make Money on Surveys?

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

– Soren Kierkegaard

Surveys & Money

Can I make money on surveys? Let’s be honest with each other. No! You will just waste your time! You can find a lot of different blogs, bloggers and their articles about how to earn money on surveys. What a blatant lie! The easiest way to make money is to find a job. All other attempts to make a lot of money online are impossible.

Who are all these people?

The surveys are typically run by research or marketing firms looking for consumer perspectives. A study is designed to collect information.

How does it work?

You have to sing up with a company, create and fill out a profile where you must tell about yourself as much as possible, about your family, and about the whole of your life. Everything, even your home address. You must pass lengthy surveys, and then, perhaps, you will be credited with a small amount of money into your account (or not!). Do you really want this?


You may be not qualifying for a survey (it happens very often). Most of them – invite-only (No invitation – no survey – no money!). You should fully complete your profile to give yourself the best chance – some of them select their survey respondents very carefully. You must focus on giving good answers in order to keep a high score – otherwise, you’ll be screened out of a lot of surveys. Most of them have quality checks, so you have to be very careful with your answers.


You can spend almost 10-15 minutes just trying to qualify for a survey, and then get declined. Surveys take around 10 – 25 minutes to complete (This is the average polling time, they can be both short and very long).


You can get a bonus for registration. Points. Money. Vouchers. Gift cards. Prize draws for the members. You get points for referring a friend or will get a percentage of that person’s earnings for as long as they are active.


You don’t get paid right away. You can get 250-500 points for a survey. You need to collect 25,000 points to earn some money. You may earn from $1 to $5 for a survey (or get $0. 20 as a consolation prize/ or not!).

Min. Withdrawal

From $15 -$50 (If you are really assiduous, you have a lot of free time and are willing to work for hours online to end up with $15 or $50). You may receive one survey or two surveys a fortnight, so it can take a few months to hit the threshold.

The frequency of surveys

1-2 per week! (To earn, you need to register for several of them). Companies are looking for a specific set of people to respond to a survey, and if you do not meet the desired profile, you will not have the opportunity to take part in the survey.

Beware of scammers

Some companies sell your personal information for profit. Some companies don’t give you cash. Just points!

Why do you need this?

You have to answer a few questions. Why do you need it? Do you want to earn some money? Are you ready to work for pennies? Are you ready to lose valuable time?

Our Review

Before registering on such sites, read reviews on the Internet. In any case, you can always refuse such online earnings. Your time is too valuable, and you deserve to be paid well for it. Do not waste your precious time!

Smart Tips

Don’t ever pay to join! You shouldn’t pay for the subscriptions. Never! Watch out for scams and fake websites. Set up an alias email for all your surveys. Do not give your personal email.

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