Travel Safety Tips

Travel Safety Tips

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Tips for planning a trip

“Correct preparation is the key to a good holiday”

Study the destination
Nowadays, while planning a trip, it is necessary to learn about the socio-political situation in a country. It is possible that your plans can change a lot, due to the security risks.

Get a check-up!
Talk to your GP about what vaccinations are needed to travel. Stock up with the necessary amount of medication. If you suffer from asthma, diabetes, or allergies, prepare medications to take with you on the trip, check the expiration date.

Study the local customs and laws
When planning a trip, be aware of the local customs and laws in the country of your journey. If you are going to visit a country where floods, earthquakes, or tsunamis often occur, then you should familiarize yourself with the procedures for emergency situations. Also, explore the climate of the country you are planning to visit so you can be prepared.

Buy travel insurance
The most important thing for any trip is travel insurance. No one knows what might happen during a trip. Therefore, be smart, be insured.

Plan your communication with home
Leave your relatives with all coordinates of your stay in a foreign country. Arrange in advance when and how you will contact your relatives, given that access to the internet may not always be available. Learn where and how to buy a local mobile phone card.

Handle your luggage wisely
Keep your most valuable items in your hand luggage. Do not take jewellery with you, or expensive outfits. As a rule, expensive things attract attention, most often from thieves.

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Tips while on your trip

“Never forget about caution and forethought in a foreign country”

Be like a local, think like a local
If you look like a tourist, then you are at risk. You are a tasty morsel for professional thieves. What does it mean to look like a tourist? It means out of character behaviour in countries with a different mentality; perhaps you smile a lot, buy a lot of drinks in bars, spend money in souvenir shops, or worst of all, you think that you are safe where you should be displaying caution.

Stop drinking too much
Do not drink too much alcohol, otherwise the next day you will be embarrassed, and the hangover is the least of your worries. Do not mix different drinks, or drugs and various medications. Do not be influenced by other people, and drink in moderation. Also, watch your drink, do not leave it unattended, so that no one can pour something into your drink.

Watch your things
Watch your things, do not leave them unattended. Remember, that someone can throw prohibited things in your bag, such as drugs.

Keep your documents safe
Keep your documents such as passport, driver license, and travel papers in a safe place in your hotel. Have a copy of all documents with you. Take a photo of all the documents on your mobile phone.

Have a business card of your hotel with you
Always carry a business card with the address and hotel phone numbers, as well as a phone number of consulates and embassies in the country you are visiting. Even if your phone is stolen, a business card in your pocket will help you.

Do not be a fool
Sometimes crooks try to be polite and offer to take a picture with the local scenery, but as soon as you give them your phone or camera, they instantly disappear with your device.

Obey the local laws
Respect the lifestyle and customs of the local population, this will help you to avoid many troubles. Never violate the law of a country. Remember that in some countries, the death penalty exists for certain types of violations. Never, never take or touch drugs. The traces of them on your hands and in your luggage can be detected with surveillance equipment.

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Tips when you return home after a trip

“The main thing in returning home is to return”

Check your luggage
Check what you can take out of your host country. Avoid taking out various forbidden things such as antiques, corals, rare plants, and animals. Check the website of the country you have visited. It will give you an understanding of what you can bring with you, and what is prohibited. There are strict bans on all kinds of drugs and weapons in many countries. You are an adult, do not risk your future. Double check your luggage for the presence of prohibited goods. Do not leave your luggage unattended in an airport, and always lock it.

Never take any goods from strangers
Do not take anything from strangers to help them carry it. Never take anything from people you do not know, even if they offer money for your help. It could be drugs, or even worse – explosives. Remember, you will suffer the consequences if you are caught. Remember, that scammers try to gain your trust, share their experience, problems, can smile a lot, or vice versa suffer, to cause your pity, and the moment you relax and believe them, they will use your trust for their own purposes.

Keep your documents safe
Keep your passport and travel documents in a secure place, preferably duplicate them. Upload scans of all important documents to Google Drive. If you lose the original, you can print them in internet cafes.

Keep your relatives informed of your return
Tell your family and friends the date and time of your return from travel, and also the flight number for when you arrive home.

Have a nice trip!

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