The Best Gift Ideas for the Twelve Zodiac Signs

The Best Gift Ideas for the Twelve Zodiac Signs

Do not know what to present to your family, friends, loved ones? Now you can base your gift on their astrological sign. Let’s find out what wonderful gift ideas based on the zodiac signs you can pick up for your loved ones.

Aquarius (January 19th – February 17th)

The Aquarius has a terrific sense of humour. They love to socialise and like to be the centre of attention. They love the arts and nature. When choosing a gift for Aquarius, don’t forget their personality.

Great gifts for Aquarius:

Anything out of the ordinary will catch Aquarius’ eye. They also appreciate fashion and innovation.

Give them a deck of unusual tarot cards, a gift certificate for aromatherapy or other alternative therapy, or a beautiful crystal.

A unique piece of art or an esoteric piece will please them greatly.

Tickets to the theatre, concerts with their favourite musicians, or tickets to a fashion show are always good ideas.

Pisces (February 18th – March 19th)

The Pisces are artistic, spiritual and creative people. They are sentimental and romantic. The Pisces enjoy anything that treats their senses. When choosing a gift for Pisces, think creatively.

Great gifts for Pisces:

Jewellery, art, history and religion appeal to them.

Tickets to a concert, a CD of their favourite band or music lessons would all be good gift ideas for Pisces.

Give them a new piece of artwork or art supplies to create their own art. It may be the most perfect gift.

The fine foods or a bottle of good wine hit the spot every time.

Give them soft clothing, blankets, a new fragrance, a set of aromatherapy oils to give a feeling of cosiness and warmth.

Aries (March 20th – April 19th)

The Aries love gifts. They love anything exciting, colourful and fun. It will make Aries happy. They tend to be impulsive and active and have a fiery temperament. When choosing a gift for Aries, think about something challenging and exciting.

Great gifts for Aries:

Jewellery is always an appropriate gift. Earrings, watches and necklaces head the list.

Electronics of all types fascinate Aries. The newest gadget is sure to be a hit.

Shiny stainless steel pots and pans are another terrific gift idea for Aries.

Tickets to a sporting event they enjoy will make them happy.

Taurus (April 20th- May 20th)

Taurus love to luxuriate in comfort, they love fine foods and drink. Taurus, by the way, is a very pragmatic people. Give Taurus what they will use in everyday life.

Great gifts for Taurus:

A cosy throw for the sofa, cushy pillow, a sheepskin rug, or a cashmere blanket will be the epitome of luxury.

A hamper of delicacies, a box of fine chocolates, or a gift certificate to their favourite restaurant are the fine gifts.

Concert tickets to their favourite group are always a perfect gift. Give them soundtracks for the latest production on Broadway, or find to them an old rock and roll album.

A soft dressing gown, plush slippers, or a soft cashmere sweater will make them feel pampered and special.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Gemini loves to learn new things. When choosing a gift for Gemini, think about the newest gadgets. They love everything that looks beautiful and unusual. Also, Gemini loves to read, so anything that stimulates their intelligence will be the best gift.

Great gifts for Gemini:

The people of this zodiac sign are intelligent, so you can choose a book according to the interests of your Gemini. An eBook can be a wonderful gift.

Since Gemini is a great communicator, so the cell phones, laptops and new gadgets are great gift ideas for them.

The hard drives, software, or a web cam will be greeted with enthusiasm.

Travel accessories, guide books, maps, or a new camera please them greatly.

What the Gemini needs in their lives is a notebook that they can journal their thoughts, so writing tools like pens, pencils, pads of paper, a journal, station.

Cancer (June 21st – July 21st)

The Cancer are very gracious recipients, but they are also sticklers for etiquette. They love to be domestic and care for their loved ones. They are sentimental about family and friends. When choosing a gift for Cancer, show them of how much you care about them and their feelings.

Great gifts for Cancer:

Give the gift a retro touch: a porcelain doll, a teddy bear, an old inkwell, or a celebrity memoir.

Suitable items that have a relaxing pastime: fishing tackle, a grand puzzle or the game “Scrabble”.

Cancer are susceptible to visual pleasures – a good camcorder can please them.

Finally, do not forget the treat or a bottle of good wine.

Leo (July 22nd – August 21st)

Leo consider themselves connoisseurs of art and fine jewellery. They love to relax and luxuriate in comfort. When choosing a gift for Leo, think not only about the gift, but also about the way of giving it. Leo love beautiful presentations, expensive restaurants and grandiose events.

Great gifts for Leo:

Choosing a gift for Leo, pay tribute to his rich imagination and constant attraction to everything luxurious.

Give them a bottle of fine champagne, a box of gourmet chocolates or a selection of gourmet cheeses that they can enjoy.

Lions will surely like what belongs to the luxury area – exquisite accessories and jewellery, a beautiful watch or a beautifully framed still life, an art album or a handmade book, a limited edition fragrance or a care product with gold particles.

In any case, it’s better to give a small gift but genuine: royal Lions do not wear counterfeit and cannot stand fakes.

Virgo (August 22nd – September 21st)

The Virgo is a practical soul striving for order, home comfort and harmony. When choosing a gift for Virgo, think thrice about the present. Don’t choose something at random. A practical appliance or tool is always a good choice for Virgo.

Great gifts for Virgo:

Choose a gift that a practical Virgo can use every day: a beautiful dish, a book of original recipes, a set of aromatic oils.

Finally, pay attention to handmade gifts and take an interest in a personal hobby: there are many collectors among Virgo.

They are as happy with a vacuum cleaner as with removable shelves for their kitchen or garage.

A mixer, coffee pot or bread machine may prove to be just the item they needed.

Books are excellent gifts for Virgo. Make sure they are about something they enjoy.

Libra (September 22nd – October 22nd)

Libra loves to get gifts. You should wrap the gifts elegantly and they will be appreciated all the more. When choosing a gift for Libra, think about a balance. They spend their lives seeking peace and harmony. Libra tends to love beauty and comfort.

Great gifts for Libra:

Libra like everything that makes life pleasant, easy and very aesthetic.

Those born under this sign appreciate the beauty in everything, so do not forget to make a beautiful package: it will give Libra additional pleasure.

Give them a ticket to a concert of a world opera star or an invitation to a Japanese tea ceremony, silk bedding or delicate napkins, a silk scarf or oriental fan, an elegant necklace or an exclusive fragrance.

They will appreciate a pair of elegant candlesticks, art, and anything that helps create a peaceful home.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

When choosing a gift for Scorpio, don’t forget their personality. Scorpio loves things that are dark and mysterious. Also, they are seductive by nature, so they enjoy anything sexy. Scorpio’s element is water, so they may be attracted to things dealing with water.

Great gifts for Scorpio:

Scorpio loves to learn about all subjects, especially mysterious or obscure ones. Books and movies on obscure or metaphysical subjects may also be a hit.

Scorpios love receiving things that are sentimental and rare.

They can enjoy gifts that symbolise their zodiac sign such as Scorpio’s pendant.

Surely they will be pleased with quality items made of leather and metal. A good, expensive bag will be a nice present for Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 20th)

Sagittarius loves adventure and travel. They are optimistic, active and courageous. Sagittarius likes everything unusual. Most often, Sagittarius is a very bright and passionate nature. Chic is one of the components of their souls. They will appreciate something very exotic. They love to travel, so present them the tickets to exotic places.

Great gifts for Sagittarius:

Since Sagittarius loves to learn, books of any type are wonderful. Cookbooks from other countries are also a perfect gift.

Tickets to an art show, performance or concert may be the perfect gift. A ticket to a musical will be appreciated.

The most desired gift for Sagittarius is a trip, or everything that is connected with it: a travel accessory, an original ethnic ornament, a spicy aroma, a pagan figurine, a disc with unusual music, a colourful guide to a distant continent, a Mexican rug or an intricate copper dish from an oriental bazaar.

Capricorn (December 21st – January 18th)

Capricorn appreciate simplicity in design and intent. When choosing a gift for Capricorn, don’t forget that they love physical comfort. Capricorn loves practicality. They would prefer something that they can use, such as comfortable clothing and a good book.

Great gifts for Capricorn:

A soft thick bathrobe, warm slippers, a fleece blanket warm the soul and body of Capricorn.

Real wood furniture or a soft wool sweater can really please them.
Capricorns often collect something: take an interest in their hobby.

Those born under this sign are demanding, often value peace and solitude, are also prone to reflection, so they may like an “intellectual” gift: a “smart” gadget, a game like Mahjong or chess, a solid book.

Surprises are not well accepted by Capricorn, so stick to what they know and you’ll be fine.

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